March 17, 2008

Opening Day's Coming Soon!

It is, but really I couldn't think of a better title. I've read that this is about the time that lil Benny can hear voices. Jess says that he gets excitable when he hears me. I fear that she's just yankin my chain to make me feel important in this process. Either way, it's neat because he hears me and likes it, or JMomma loves me enough to lie to me. I'm sure that if I were him, I would run and hide when Big Sister yelled at my mommy's belly, and me by extension. JMomma also swears up and down that he really loves the smell of bacon. This confirms that he's definitely my child. Bacon frying in the pan gets me out of bed quicker than a fire alarm. Coincidentally, every time that we cook bacon in this apartment, the smoke detectors go crazy. Perhaps it's a Pavlovian response.
A Viking friend of mine just found out that his ladyfriend is expecting a lil Viking in about 6 1/2 months. Get ready to ride the roller coaster BRand. I'm not sure that the world's ready for a super-nice, Spanish speaking, classically good lookin' tiny Viking with a preternatural love of Italian food and sloppy punk rock, but I suspect that it is. Although this should come as no surprise to me, hearing that a friend of mine is expecting his first child has definitively reinforced that it's Grown Up Time. Is it wrong that I refuse to stop dancing at odd times or making up and singing absurd songs at the drop of a hat? Or that fart jokes are still funny? It's funny how I didn't read anywhere that being an adult means you have to be serious about everything. No one ever told me that I can't blast the stereo and rock out with the kids when I grow up. I didn't go to class the day they taught you not to play video games and stay up late watching shitty movies in order to be grown up. It's just rice and beans, folks. I think the muchkins will appreciate more the fact that I've always been willing to enter their world for a few minutes, than the fact that I constantly try to be a better me, for them. Perhaps not. So it goes.

March 6, 2008


I just realised that my Aunt called me last week and I haven't called her back. And that one of my very best friends in this world called me a couple weeks ago, and I haven't called her back (you know who you are). And that I used the British spelling of a word in the first sentence and didn't change it because I think it makes me appear more intelligent.
Cedric Yarborough, of TV's Reno 911, was in for dinner tonight. I recognized him when I sat him and his ladyfriend, but I couldn't fathom who would confirm my recognition. I walked around the restaurant thinking, damn, who watches extremely funny American TV and not tele-novellas? ( I had an extremely Mejican crew on) As I walked by Luis, he said,"Do you watch Re-" " YES" I interrupted. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" "Yup." His identity was confirmed by his credit card, since I can't very well bug the television celebrities if we can't bug the sports celebrities that come in (and very often).
This is but a small representation of how my brain is working these days. I'm all over the place. So I apologise to my Auntie and to my friend. And to Cedric for not telling him how much I enjoy his show. (See how much better that is with the British spelling?) I blame this all on a phenomenon JMomma refers to as BabyBrain. I believe that I've caught it from her. Whereas she may focus on, say, what's for 2nd breakfast, I dwell in the realms of 'I'M GONNA BE A FREAKING FATHER IN LESS THAN 15 WEEKS.' I'm not sure how this happened. I mean, I know HOW it happened. The video that my Mom and Dad rented when I was in the eighth grade pretty well explained that. But I do not know what to do with it. It may be cliche to say that I don't know how to be a father, but I'm a walking cliche these days. A real softie, as the Asian would say. Hopefully, Lil' Z will understand that I've tried my best with him everyday that he's alive. I'll need someone to reinforce that.
Auntie and Friend, I'll call you in the next coupla days. I've forgotten it this long, right? In unrelated news, I've started a new blog that I will keep you appraised of. I will offer this caveat: Do not read it if you are not prepared to deal with the weird stuff that goes on in my head. So, don't read it to any Grammas that you know.
Oh, one more thing. Uncle/Cousin Johnie and Auntie/Cousin Crystal have graciously agreed to be God parents to lil' Z. Pretty freakin' awesome, in my opinion.