May 8, 2008

No Hitter!

In keeping with the baseball theme of this long, unfolding story, family and friends pitched a no hitter this Sunday. J's baby shower happened on that day, and we've been rearranging, cleaning, revisualizing, and re-rearranging ever since.

I've worried about a lot through this pregnancy, such as the health of the baby, the name of the baby, the proper abundance of toes and fingers of the baby, my ability to be a father (I think that I have the Dad thing down pretty well, I had an outstanding role model), my ability to properly provide for three short people with my time, my ability to properly provide all the necessary vittles and such that three short people mouths require, amongst many other various and sundry issues. The one thing that I've never once worried about is the supreme abundance of loving, generous, humorous, caring, intelligent people that I have to rely on when/if any of the above issues becomes a problem. Our family and friends reinforced that in a major way this weekend.

My mother's hard work in planning and executing this event really shone through. It's one of life's treasures to have a mother, so deeply caring and devoted as mine. Mom, all of your diligent research into everything necessary for Benny serves to belay how excited you are for his arrival. He is a very lucky boy to have a gramma such as yourself. Thank you for being who you are, and know that I've never once in my life been anything but proud to be your son. And thank you for loving JMomma as you would you own daughter. It means a lot to me and I know that you do it from your heart, which makes it even better. Dad - even though you weren't there, your love and wisdom courses through my mind at various and oddly placed times. I'm never without a bit of hillbilly wisdom when I need it, and the kids are as flummoxed by some of the things that I say beacuse of you, as I was when you said them to me. (seriously, how hot IS a goatburger?!) Thanks for allowing Mom to be happy in life and for supporting her in her baby-related binges. You're the bee's knees, Pop.

JMomma's Momma - Your support through this, although unspoken between us, is much appreciated. I trust that my family didn't scare you too much and I'm very happy that you've gotten to see a little bit about who I am through them. (On an unrelated note, Seussical the Musical featuring Dylan was surprisingly, amazing good. He's a very talented young man, and you should be as proud of him as you are. ((On another unrelated note, He's a respectful and kind guest while dining out and tips well, too.)) He's a great reflection of you.) I'm equally excited for Benny to meet you.

Gramma Marie - Thank you for not tripping anybody. I know you were in a position to reek some havoc and it speaks to your character that you didn't take the chance you were given. Benny's gonna love being your 21st great-grandchild, as much as you'll love having 21!

While nothing should've been a surprise, knowing what I know of how awesome you all are, somethings were. The Wisconsin contingent was well represented (Cousin Jackie, you still count as one of them. Don't ask why, you just do.) which was very much appreciated. I love seeing you all and I'm so thankful that you took the time to visit. My Auntie Kim was in attendance, seeing as I'm her godson, I should've expected her. But I didn't for some reason. She's still as beautiful as I remember and her hugs are still as full of love as always.Your hugs and presence were enough for me; your generosity was very much appreciated. You never cease to amaze me, Auntie Kim. Seeing you brought me instantly back to the weeks (and months!) that I spent with your family during my childhood. The grandfather clock gonging all night long, Uncle Larry's Italian flag cabbie hat, Greg Maddux being allowed to sign with the Braves, trips to Kroger, and ghost in the graveyard marathons in your cul-de-sac. Some of the best (Nicky's reaction to the Maddux signing is legendary in my young mind) memories of my childhood with you and yours. Speaking of, Annie is as beautiful now as when she first kissed me (that's how I remember it!). And I'll always call her Annie, even if she doesn't like it so much! Everyone else's attendance was no less special or important to me; these were but a few examples of how lucky I am to be me. To those of you that couldn't attend, you were on my mind and I'm sure that you would've been there if at all possible. Get well, cousins, I'll see you before long. Heidi, thanks for not holding my horrible phone call returning skills against Benny and I (I know that you're an English teacher so I made that all grammatical.).You are a great friend, and will always be.

Thank you again. You've chastened and humbled me yet once more. Benny is in for a ride with this family, and it's one that he'll never want to get off.

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