July 13, 2008

I stink.

At this blogging regularly thing. But know this, lots of stuff is going on in Bizzarroland, such as the imminent moving of the same. Packing is fun! So is going up and down stairs alot! At the end of July to boot! The Keefer and Jeff are super fellas for volunteering their services. The friends of mine that ignored my text asking for help, are not so super.

I have created a Yahoo! Group for anyone that may be interested in keeping up with cousins and such. It's a semi-secure avenue for us to share pictures (without the interweb creeps checking them out), stories, plan drinking excursions, and the rest. I'll be tinkering with it over the next few days to try to maximize it for our usage. Anyone with Altenburg in them or a strange interest in those of us that do, should check out Wydra Means Weasel or Chicago Altenburgs at Yahoo! Groups. Interestingly enough, Wydra translates as weasel in English, and I find that glorious.

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Anonymous said...

This should be called Iamronak.blogspot.part2.com