December 6, 2007

Good Fun!

Haven't written much, lately, because there hasn't been much to tell. Also, I've spent lots of time studying for my skill-out of training (and playing interweb poker). I'm now official at my job. I'm out of training and stationed at the store that I'll be at on a permanent basis. Hallelujah, ten minute drives to work! The day after a snow storm, even! Refreshingly awesome, it is. It's a little bit intimidating with all the new faces and personalities and all, but it seems that I'm seeking those types of situations lately!

Since Jess will be 12 weeks (12 weeks bringing an outstanding reduction of any chance of miscarriage, knock on wood y'all) tomorrow, she decided that it'd be alright to tell the kiddies. I've been SOOOOOO excited for this time to come around, because I really want the midgets to share in our excitement and be able to be involved in the process. So, I'll set the scene.

We sat down to eat dinner. Jess told the kids that I had something to tell them. Sara got happy and really wanted to know what it was. Jake acted decidedly uninterested. So, I feigned not wanting to tell them due to an unacceptable level of excitedness. Sara played along and became even more animated. Jake kinda stared at the bowl of food in front of him. (An aside, he gave himself a big knot on his head during gym class yesterday. Apparently, he went to the washroom. After he was done washing his hands, a big mean wall jumped up behind him. Jake didn't see said wall. He ran, obviously, head first into the wall. He then had to explain the situation to his teacher. She didn't believe that he had knotted himself so good. Jess heard the story and immediately assured the teacher that this was, in fact, quite probable with our son.) So, I pretended that I'd then tell only Sara. While pretending to whisper in Sara's ear, Jake apparently got interested in the secret. As the words, "Mommy's pregnant" left my mouth, Jake-y called out "No, She's not!" in a started and excited tone. Once he was sufficiently assured that we were not joking, he smiled broadly and proudly upon the realization that he'd get to be the biggest brother! Sara was understandably upset that we are not prepared since we do not have diapers. While I'm sure that this hasn't truly set in with Jake (he's running around singing "I'm a soul man" repeatedly) yet, I'm just as sure that Sara doesn't fully comprehend the magnitude of the lil' dude (or dudette) about to join us. She did tell Jess that since this is number three, she'd expect numbers four and five in rapid succession though. The kibosh was squarely and severely placed upon that idea!

Oh. Another thing. We got to play in the snow during Tuesday's snow storm. It was undoubtedly outstanding seeing the joy on my family's faces as we made snow angels, threw snow balls at each other, and made the world's smallest, most patheticist snowman(but he was our snowman, and we loved him for it). To those with kids, this is just a reminder to take the opportunity to be kids with them. It's an amazing experience that we sometimes lose track of in the hustle and bustle of trying to make it to the next paycheck. To those without kids (in life, or in the house anymore), try having a snowball fight with your significant other or building a snowman. I'd wager that the joy it'd bring to your hearts and the childlike excitement that it would elicit will, most definitely, be worth the wet clothes, messy mud rooms, and cold limbs. And to everyone: Don't forget how good hot chocolate (with little marshmallows in it) is!


JohnieReb said...

Hot chocolate with marshmallows and of course, Baileys is a must!!

vInNsAnE said...

I now what you mean abut a miget i work with one og thoser guys and its real hard to get him to belive you abut what ever happens. Thats cool tho.

Anonymous said...

Kyle Orton looks like a cool dude!

Anonymous said...

da asian said...

Woo hoo! It's official...everyone knows! I get to go shopping, yet? When are you guys gonna go find out the sex of the baby? Is it going to be another generation of Bekah/Sara hand-me-downs or actual NEW clothes for baby dude baumann?