November 27, 2007


There's been not much news on the pregnancy front. Jess goes to sleep at about 8:30 every night due to a proestrogen supplement that she has to take. Her levels of that hormone are normal bordering on low, so her doctor has decided to add some insurance. Proestrogen is one of the hormones that helps the baby "stick" in there, until the placenta is fully formed. Interestingly enough, it is also used in certain birth control regimens, and it says clearly on the bottle "DO NOT TAKE IF PREGNANT". Our doctor said not to read any label on the bottle due to that warning, so we're having faith that she knows what she's doing.

We started a new tradition at the Bizzarro family home last night. Our town has a "Winter Wonderland" where they set up all types of lights in all different shapes. You drive through it at your leisure, and stare in wonderment at all the cool things that they've managed to shape out of light. So we all got in our pajamas at 5:30 at night, put on our assorted santa hats, and set out. I also wore my robe, which embarrassed only Jess. We had so much fun on that 15 minute drive, that the kids want to do it again before Christmas. Jake didn't even get that bored! Next time we'll have to bring Hank and Frank along so that they can see their toy soldier friends and catch up on the happenings in toy soldier-land. I can only hope that it does not lead to them longing for the freedom that their friends have. Surely, they realize the important work that they do here, keeping us safe year-round. The best part was getting to have hot chocolate with marshmallows when we got home. Yum.

It also crossed my mind that I have not mentioned two very important little girls that I love very much. Your Uncle is an idiot. But you already knew that! Just taking a second to let you two know that you are loved supremely and are missed here at Casa de Bizzarro, by everyone that lives here. You are always welcome in our home, and you occupy a large chunk of my love. I'm immensely proud of you for being who you are, and for thriving under the circumstances that life has handed you. Your ability to bring a smile to my face by just thinking of you is cherished. And we all hope to see you here soon!

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vinnie the vin said...

Its never to lately dude. Hang in, there!!!!