February 29, 2008

Middle Namage.

With a late push for Christopher, a surprisingly pleasant showing for Zambrano, and a conspiracy for Michael; the middle name poll is now closed. I do appreciate your vote-ageness, and hope that it's made you feel as though you have anything to do with the final decision. I gots to tell you Zambrano is still a very strong, very real possibility. There are also other options that were not included in the poll. I am very surprised that no one liked Lee or Louis.

It is incumbent upon us that the baby is arriving, and soon! Fifteen weeks and some change! And that's until the official due date. I believe that JMomma's gonna pop waaaay earlier. I have June 7th in the office pool in my head. Neatest thing about that day in history? 06/07/08. Awesome, huh? Although, I had a feeling about that day before I realized that. JMomma will never believe me, since I do have a thing for cool dates like that. Whatev.


the asian said...

Very cool date...Bekah's favorite joke right now is: Why is 6 afraid of 7? Because 7 ate 9! LOL...very cool date! Tell Jess I say cool date!

Anonymous said...

Had I known about the polling, I would have suggested Fukudome or Kosuke. Hope to see you soon cuz!