February 21, 2008

Stuff That Is Good.

-Freshly made guacamole, with perfectly ripe avocados and orange instead of lime for the citrusy hint that is necessary to good guacamole.
-Realizing that at some point in about four years, I will get to take Bennet to his first Cubs game, and how cool it will be to watch his eyes light up at all that Wrigley has to offer. I am certain that this will mean alot more to me than to him. I am alright with that certainty.
-Feeling our baby kick. That's right. I felt him kick. And HARD. We realized that I was trying to feel the kicks in the wrong place, as Bennet is in the breech position right now. So a couple nights ago, I felt on the underside of J's belly, and KABLOOM! there it was. Awesomest feeling. It was as though he was waiting for me to put my hand in the right position so he could kick it. So, I guess he already thinks I'm an idiot. He's about fourteen years ahead of schedule.
-Knowing that working tomorrow night and Saturday night at the Big D and sandwiching an open shift in at my 'real' job, will leave me exhausted but with enough cash to buy the glider-rocker that JMomma really wants. And probably enough for the glider-ottoman too.
-Hearing that Jake and Sara miss me enough to have made Jess bring them in for dinner tonight. They really light me up and make time go faster. I've explained to everyone that works for me that the munchkin squad is why I put up with some of the stuff that I'm forced to at work. They're such cool little people. Sara learned about words today and Jake learned about George Washington. Did YOU know that he was our first President? Jakey does. He also got his second trimester report card. He has improved on everything that he needed too, but seems to be too much of a perfectionist with his penmanship, amongst other things. I take the blame and will try not to be so hard on him. (I don't think I'm that hard on him, but I do remember a certain Mr. Brewzzarro relating that penmanship is very important to a certain young Master Bizzarro.)
-Trying to figure out why Sara is such a motormouth in her element, but when you take her out it's impossible to get her to talk to anybody. Shy little midget. She does love having her hands washed in a public lavatory, though.
-Explaining to Sara why crayons don't go in salsa and to Jake why it's a bad idea to play with the crayons in the salsa directly after they were taken away from his sister. Chuckleheads.
-Going to sleep, next to my pregnant wife, and thinking of all the stuff that's good in my life.


Anonymous said...

Yes, you have been blessed with many things that alot of people don't have and want and will never have so when you get on your pity pot -think about all the good things you have and how fortunate you really are! Looking back several years and I am sure you now know how really fortunate you are after going to the College of Hard Knocks and finally graduating!!CONGRATULATION!

the asian said...

fatherhood has turned you into a mush man! LOL...Fantastic to hear how well everyone is doing!