April 16, 2008

Now you know why lions eat their young...

That's right, Deadliest Catch has season premiered. If you haven't watched this show you should definitely make some time to enjoy the crab fishermen of the Bering Sea. Jake and I watch it (he thinks that it's happening live) and marvel at what these guys put themselves through. It is truly a great testament to the human condition.

Jakers started baseball practice tonight. I love this time of year! He's already known in his league for being a masher, and he truly is. Even if I weren't his Dad, it is easy to see his preternatural talent for the baseball. Even better, he loves to play. He plays with respect for the game and his teammates and enjoys every second of practice and games. That's all I can really ask. It makes me so proud to see him helping out his teammates, being respectful to his Coach, and bouncing around waiting for his turn. Go Blue Jays!

JMomma had an appointment yesterday. Nothing major to report, except that Benny's turned the right way. He's been kicking J's butt lately with kicks and punches and such. And you can see him move through her stomach if you're paying attention. It's simultaneously glorious and gross. He still gets strangely excited when I lint roll her stomach. My child's got a head start on the weirdness that comes with his family.

On the middle name front, a new contender has emerged and I'll be making my case for it in the coming days. I was watching TV last night and it came to me. Gabriel. This works on a couple different levels for me. There's religious overtones, and the name is reminiscent of a family that's been close to me and mine for as long as I can remember. We'll see how JMomma takes to Bennet Gabriel.

Until next time!

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Anonymous said...

I hope that I can get to 1[atleast] of Jakey's games this summer. It is real good to know that he loves baseball. That is a good sign of a honest life for a young boy. It also makes me real happy to see how proud you are of him and he should be proud of you too. GO CUBS !!!!
Your Momma