April 6, 2008

Opening Day's Come and Gone

This is almost a week late, but here it is none-the-less. Opening day was six days ago, and true to form, the Cubs lost. Fukodome did hit an extremely exciting home run to tie it up. Alas, the excitement was short lived. That was the kind of moment that makes a person fall in love with the game of baseball however. I'll tell Benny of his first (pre-birth) opening day and all of the beers drank and peanuts tossed at random vendors.

Speaking of Benny, HE KICKED ME IN THE FACE. How freakin' cool is that? I put my face to JMomma's belly a few days ago, and started talking to him. I called his name and he responded by kicking me in the face. HARD. It's amazing how hard such a tiny being can kick! Ridiculous even. There's so much going on around here that I've struggled to find time to write about it all. I sit here now in a over-the-counter drug induced haze since I spent the last two days in bed with a severe Spring sickness. I've forgotten what it is that I set out to write about...

We got the glider rocker that we've been looking for. It's strangely exciting to pick out and agree on your first furniture purchase as a married couple, though we were almost spared that joy by salespeople that seemingly didn't want to take our money. In the end, we prevailed as our love and our scant monies are destined to do. It is the coolest glider-rocker ever though. It reclines. It has a 'stop-a-rockin' lever. And it's extra wide for easy access, which is helpful when you're wide in the middle (me), pregnant (JMomma), or four (Sara). The only downer is that the ottoman did not come with said purchase. I refused to buy it as it cost almost as much as the chair. How silly is that? I couldn't have done it based on principle alone. I reckon I'm too Polish to make such a crazy purchase. I won't say that it fits naturally into our living room, but it has found a pretty comfy home with TV viewage space.

"Mom, where does beef jerky come from?"
"How do they know which cows are mean?"
Laughter ensues.

This is a real life exchange between JMomma and the Jake. It amazes me how his mind works. I severely want to know what else it is that passes through his brain. I picked him up from school the other day and he told me that he was learning about 'satisfractions'. I hope my laughter hasn't poisoned the boy.

Enough with the rambling.

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