November 2, 2007

Inaugural Post

If anyone that doesn't know me should accidentally meander to this bloggeration, I wanted to make sure that you are sufficiently aware of the backstory. And those of you that do know me, you may learn somethings about me inadvertently. Fun for all!
About a year ago, I moved in with Jessica and her kids; Jacob (7) and Sara (almost 4)(those ages are now, not then). Jessica is an awesome woman. I can say without trepidation that she is the first woman that I've been with that has put me first in her mind (well, second to the chil'rens, but that's alright by me.). She's been a light in my life. She's allowed me to believe in myself more fully than I ever have. In short, I love her like no one before. Jacob is the most caring, kind, and lovable kid you'll ever meet. A new best friend to me. Sara is sweet and evil, manipulative and unabashedly so. Another new best friend to me. These are my lil' dudes, my companeros, my compadres, my own personal midget squad. These are my kids, no two ways about it. See I thought that I was looking for "the One", but it seems that "The Three" is what eluded me. I think of them all day long, and get home as soon as possible at night to be with them. Even when they're sleeping already, due to my stupid hours, it feels good to lay eyes on them.
I'm constantly amazed at what I learn from them. I'm constantly amazed at how little I knew before. Jessica's loving-kindness, the simplistic black/white honesty of the ninos, can I teach them more than they teach me? Does it matter? This past year has been the most enriching experience of my life.
Oh yeah, the title of the blog. On Monday, (Oct 29th, 07) We found out that Jess is pregnant with my very first biological child. How cool is that?! I'm terrified. I'm excited. I'm writing this blog for my own mental health, and with the hopes that family and friends will check in to see the progress and the process . Once we tell them, that is.
So, I'll post here ,at least weekly, with information and such. I'll probably ask more questions than I answer, so please help me out through the comments section. One super cool thing before I go....apparently, my child doesn't do mornings. She's decided to make Jess sick at night. I, of course, have been blamed for this.

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