November 19, 2007

Sometimes, I write poetry.

steps (for my unborn)

just give me a chance
and let me be wrong,
please just smile,
and pretend that I’m not.
i will learn as much
from you, as you
will from me.
we are both taking
and learning and
growing and smiling
and thinking and
teaching and loving.
all that i ask
is every now and then
just smile
and pretend that I’m right.


Anonymous said...

Your baby will smile at you but it will be awhile after you cry and smile at her/him.

vin numerber one said...

I agree wit the last guy that said it takes a while longer for you to smile than you're babie, becuse you got to b e older than the babie and it's got morer reaction times now. its sill a good pome tho. Waht movie is it frm????