November 21, 2007

Turkey-Day Thankfullness

I realize more and more everyday all the things that I have to be grateful for, and all the things that I unknowingly take for granted.

I'm thankful for morning sickness, because it means that I'm going to be a Daddy!
I'm thankful for mood swings, because it means that I get to enjoy every moment of our baby's development.
I'm thankful for guilt trips, because it means my mother is still alive. (just joking , Mom!)
I'm thankful for hour long rides to Hampshire, because it means that I can cook my grandmother dinner.
I'm thankful for being able to cook my grandmother dinner, because it gives me the opportunity to learn things that I've never known about her.
I'm thankful that Jakey keeps saying "ah-ker-is" when reading "across", because it means that he's uncovering the magic of reading.
I'm thankful that Sarina wakes me up at 5 o'clock in the morning to watch cartoons, because she won't be able to stand me soon enough.
I'm thankful that Jakey cackles like a mad man at my stupid jokes, because he'll realize how stupid they really are soon enough.
I'm thankful for parking lots, because they give me an opportunity to hold hands with my best friends.
I'm thankful that my Dad chose to love and father me, because he didn't have to.
I'm thankful for HUGE cellphone bills, because they mean that my wife is calling me (sometimes).
I'm thankful for my car payment, because it means that I can pay it.
I'm thankful for 4:30 alarm clocks, because they mean I have a job.
I'm thankful for Jess's smile, because it means that I'm doing something right.
I'm thankful for drunken texts from my friends, because they mean that I can laugh.
I'm thankful for my Cousin Johnie, because he's shown me what having a brother is like.
I'm thankful for my last name, because it reminds me of the kind of father I won't be.
I'm thankful that every kiss begins with Kay, because she married me (sucker!).
I'm thankful that Jake, Sara, and Jess have taken to having conversations with Hank, Frank, and Pedro the Penguin.
I'm thankful that you've taken the time to read this, because your time is valuable and you could've been doing something else like picking your toe nails or making cranberry sauce for tomorrow's festivities.

Remember all that you have to be thankful for this Thanksgiving and all the Indians we tricked to be here.


mr vin man numerber one said...

what day is thanks giving. i stll need to getr my Girlfrnd a presnrt. How old is your babie now?

Anonymous said...

I am thankful that I have a son like you and I am thankful that you now are very happy with a new found family. I am thankful for Jessica that she came along to make you and herself happy and that you two are bringing me a grandchild that I will be able to love unconditionally. I am thankful that I have a good husband that loves me and my family[ well, most of them ]. I am thankful that my Mother is alive and with us this Thanksgiving, even if she is stubborn today.I am thankful that I am alive today even though too sick to go for dinner.I am very thankful that I have acquired 2 more grandchildren that I can also love unconditional. I am thankful that my surgery for 2007 has worked out pretty good, after so... much suffering and that my husband's surgery for 2007 worked out well. I am especially happy that you are not working today and that you smile alot more today than you ever did and I am happy for my corn beef hash casserole in the refrigerator that I can eat for dinner tonight since being too sick to go out for turkey.
May God bless you and all your family and your new baby,to come!

Anonymous said...

Write some more,Dummie!

the asian said...

I'm thankful that Jess, Jake, and Sara are talkin' to Hank, Frank, and Pedro...that means one's flown over the cuckoo's nest...that means that you guys haven't changed...too much anyway! Love ya & miss ya!