November 8, 2007

Matrimonial Testimonial

Yup, that's right. We got married. Yesterday. At the courthouse. I didn't even need Rock to lend me the ten bucks! I feel like I'm making real strides here, people! For such a short ceremony, it was beautiful and poignant, and, obviously, something that I'll never forget. We were talking about getting married next year, before Project Zambrano popped up. See, having a baby makes you flexible to change! Jacob has decided to call me Pop, which cracks him up to no end. Sara has loudly demanded that she'll call me Dad. Both fill me with a sense of pride that I did nothing to deserve. Pretty Awesome.
On a related but unrelated note, we didn't invite anyone to the ceremony. This at first disappointed Mrs. Brewster. But she did her best to (appear to,anyways) be o.k. with it. Those of you that know my mother know that she's an important part of my life. You also know that she has a...strong personality. She has continuously surprised me throughout this time of my life, by offering unsolicited and very real support. She's the best. I know what unconditional love for a child is because of her, and I proud to say that she's my best friend. Thanks, Mom!
And we cannot forget Harold. My Dad. The best man that I know, and the best role model I could ever wish for in being a Dad. Your uncompromising morals and principles (while the cause of consternation between us as I grew up), absolutely taught me the values that I want to pass on. I'm grateful to know that when I'm unsure of something, you always seem to have an answer. Thanks, Pop!
Just wanted to take that time to let these very important people in my life know that I love them and will always, no matter what!


Anonymous said...

First i would like to say Congrats and good luck! Second....what does this mean as far as a bachelor party?!? Third...even though he is one hell of a douche....i only think its fair that i point out he prefers to be called "roc" not "rock". just broke the hearts of every single girl in the us and one semi-retarded girl in india that ive been emailing. "G Twice"

Anonymous said...

First you say that I am your best friend and later on you say you have 3 new best friends now. Am I your best friend or not? I know that I have a strong personality but I can never be replaced as far as personalities or best friend.You will always be My Best Friend. You have brought me all the happiness that I have ever expected from a Son and never disrespected me or disappointed me,too much.I am also so happy that you found a nice girl to marry and I have accepted her as My Daughter, that I always wanted, and I and my better half have accepted Sara and Jake as our grandchildren. I hope everyone gets use to this idea because I know Sara is a little confused. We DO NOT want to be known as Mr. and Mrs. Boogeyman anymore. We are proud Grandpa and Grandma now and looking forward to being it once again next year!!!!!