November 6, 2007

Swiper, No Swiping!

Who voted for twins?! Do you not like me? Two of you people. Probably the flatmates. Although, I guess that'd be really awesome too. Oh, a funny thing happened last night. Well, It was funny to me, anyways, and so you're damned to read it. Jess went to pick Jake up from CCD last night, so Sara and I stayed home. I was implored to watch Dora the Explorer with her. Needless to say, when J&J got home, we were found doing the Coconut Congo in an effort to help Dora get to the Mermaid Kingdom. Pretty standard up until now. However, Sara had p.js and her brand new combination hat/mittens/scerf (it's a scerf, not a scarf) set on, and I had p.j.s, gloves, and a vampire cape on. Sara demanded that it be so. And it was wonderful, especially when we chased Jake around trying to get him to wiggle and congo with us. Everyone knows that the more congoers you have, the easier it is to get to the Mermaid Kingdom.


A Concerned Citizen said...

These were the links from Google Ads at the bottom of this blog when I checked it out this morning:

Angry Baby
Angry Babies
Boy Talk
Chore Boy
Baby Gender

What in the hell are you planning???

bizzarro said...

obviously, we're planning an angry baby boy that does chores while talking about his sexual identity. it's the only thing that makes sense.